Select your group or electric generator according to the application that fence intended


You can select the generators depending on the application to which it is intended.

Find generators as the power demand of the installation.


You can select a generator according to the power demand of the feed system.

Generator sets for engines


You can select the group depending on the engine bearing.


Maintenance for Generator Sets

Maintenance for Generator Sets

To ensure the correct operation of the generator sets and to prolong their service life, it is essential to carry out adequate maintenance specific to each of the systems in the equipment: mechanical motor, alternator, chassis, fuel tank, battery and control panel.

Generator sets Applications

Power Generator Applications

The applications of power generators are numerous and very wide-ranging: they can act as the chief power source in places where there is no mains power supply (industrial range) or as an alternative source of supply in case of power failure (emergency range).

Electrical Safety Tests on Generator Sets

This Is How We Perform Electrical Safety Tests on Generator Sets at Inmesol

we carry out several verification tests during the final stage of manufacture. As we are dealing with machines which generate electrical energy, the electrical safety checks have particular relevance in the process.