FPT (N45SM3(60HZ)) diesel engine generator

92 kVA PRP / 101 kVA LTP GENERATOR Model AI-100
Diesel FPT engine, 60 Hz - Three-phase - MECC-ALTE ECP 34-1S Alternator (480/277V)
(Automatic without ats panel Stand-by Genset V3.)

Generator Stand-by.AI-100 - FPT - N45SM3(60HZ) - 1.800 R.P.M. | 60 Hz


Power Generator Stand-by.

Make: FPT
Model: N45SM3(60HZ)

Model: MECC-ALTE ECP 34-1S
Voltage: 480/277

(PRP “Prime Power” norma ISO 8528-1)
92 kVA
(LTP “Limited Time Power” norma ISO 8528-1)
101 kVA
Technicals sheet (AIS0100648T6020125S):  6020

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The “INMESOL” 92 - 101 kVA generator (Automatic without ats panel Stand-by Genset V3.), is an electrical energy generating machine with diesel FPT N45SM3(60HZ) engine, 60 Hz - Three-phase, alternator model MECC-ALTE ECP 34-1S, 480/277 Voltage, which is used in places where there is no mains supply or when there is a MAINS failure.

The mobile elements, distribution belt, fan, etc., and those parts which reach high temperatures during operation, exhaust manifold, etc, include their corresponding protections, in compliance with the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42.


The AI-100 genset holds the “CE” marking, and the corresponding Declaration of Conformity is issued with each of them, in which it specifies that the machine complies with R.D 842/2002 Low Voltage Regulations and with the European Directives:

  • 2006/42 on Safety in Machinery.
  • 2006/95/CE on Electrical Safety.
  • 2004/108/CE on Electromagnetic Compatibility.
  • 2005/88/CE on NOISE EMISSIONS by equipment for outdoor use (for SOUNDPROOF GENERATOR SETS).