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The new INMESOL Rental Range at BAUMA 2016

BAUMA 2016 is the showcase where INMESOL will display the different genset models from its new Rental Range.

BAUMA 2016 is the showcase where INMESOL will display the different genset models from its new Rental Range.

Inmesol Bauma 2016

This is the most important and majestic exhibition in the world for the construction and mining sectors.

Manufacturers of construction and mining machinery, materials, and equipment introduce the latest developments and innovations that have been incorporated into their products, and thousands of professionals from both sectors come together over the seven-day Fair, which celebrates its 31st edition this year.

View the video of a time lapse visit of the Fair

The new sets that INMESOL will showcase at the fair have been designed considering all the important details for the Rental sector.

Details on the new design of the RENTAL RANGE gensets (Mod.-20-30 kVA)
Details on the new design of the RENTAL RANGE gensets (Mod.-20-30 kVA)


1.- SOUNDPROOF CANOPIES with materials that ensure low noise emission levels and painted with QUALICOAT paint, providing high resistance to ultraviolet radiation and ensuring durability even under adverse environmental conditions.

2.- Lifting hook guaranteeing stability and security in transport operations.

3.- Upper air outlet contributing to the reduction of noise emissions.

4.- Large access door for easier maintenance operations.

5.- Doors soundproofing protected by wire mesh.

6.- Large lifting lugs that facilitate handling during transport.

7.- Engine in compliance with STAGE IIIA standard

8.- Control board protected against rain, shock, or unwanted access through a lockable door.

9.- Oversized skid of great strength for protecting the base frame and control board against potential shock during handling operations.

10.- 24h Fuel tank with internal reinforcement and baffles that prevent sudden fuel movements when the set is transported with a full tank. Large filling point.

11.- Fluid collecting tray (able to hold up to a 120%).

12.- Access to hook for towing.


Safety battery cut-off (on–off battery switch)

The equipment includes a removable piece, similar to a handle, that, when removed, prevents the equipment from being manipulated.

INMESOL Rental Range gensets are perfect for working in severe weather conditions. A robust, compact, and technically innovative equipment.

Advanced technology is included in their control and protection units, but very easy to handle.

They can meet any requirement, including the European regulations on low noise emission and gas emission levels.

Depending on the chosen power and engine, a wide range has been developed:

CANOPYs for the RENTAL Range
CANOPYs for the RENTAL Range


Today, many renters are extending/renewing their fleets with Rental gensets, ready to work in parallel. These help them provide a greater flexibility for servicing facilities with variable loads, saving fuel and increasing the equipment useful life.

The use of Rental gensets in parallel is very common in facilities where an event (concert, football game, etc.) will be held, where the supply must be fully insured.

Rental gensets working in parallel
Rental gensets working in parallel

We invite you to visit as at BAUMA 2016, HALL A5 BOOTH 110 and additional space Hof-Court Yard 45A STAND 2,  where we can provide you all the information regarding the showcased equipment or any other within our product lines. A team of INMESOL professionals will be available for you.

Bauma 2016 Fair Layout
Bauma 2016 Fair Layout

Useful Information:

Dates: From April 11 to 17, 2016.

Location: Messegelände, 81823 MUNICH – Baviera (Germany)

Inmesol Booth: HALL A5 BOOTH 110

Additional space: Hof-Court Yard 45A STAND 2

Inmesol contact person at the event:

Antonio Mármol (Export Product Manager)


Contact Phone Number:

Mob: 0034 620  773 209 | Phone: +34 968 380 300 | Fax: +34 968 380 400