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The Solar Plane at Seville, Spain

After taking off in New York, the solar plane flew across the Atlantic Ocean and reached Seville a little over 70 hours later. During this, its 15th stage, the plane was piloted by Bertrand Piccard

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Bullitt Centre, The Greenest Commercial Building in the World

In the United States, buildings are responsible for 39% of carbon dioxide emissions, 65% of waste and 70% of electricity consumption. This data is applicable to many countries around the world and seriously affects the environment as well as some of the population’s access to natural resources. This reality, however, does not match the technological advances currently available to build in a more sustainable manner.

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Generator Sets Guarantee Continuous Power Supply During Solar Eclipses

On 20th March there was a solar eclipse, visible to a greater or lesser extent in all European countries (and in the north of Africa as well as in the north and west of Asia and the Middle East). Before this event, those responsible for the European power network spent months preparing to implement the necessary measures so that the populace and companies would not suffer the effects of this astronomical phenomenon, as the power supply across the continent is interconnected.

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Jibo, The Robot Everyone Wants in Their Home

Jibo is the result of a successful crowdfunding campaign. Now finished, it collected 2.5 million dollars on Indiegogo, a sum which exceeded all the creators’ expectations. The design team includes Cynthia Breazeal, a pioneer in robotics and professor at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

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Today’s World Demands Failsafe Networks

In many companies nowadays, mobile telephones and Internet connections have replaced almost all the functions of the old fixed networks. Moreover, some organisations have even dispensed with them completely, considering them obsolete, meaning that the smooth running of their communications systems relies on the infrastructures of the electricity and telecommunications companies.

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