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INMESOL launches a new range of supersoundproof gensets that stand out for the very low noise levels. These gensets have been specifically developed for the most demanding applications in terms of noise emissions, such as events, filming, urban environments, etc. They are available in power ratings from 5 to 250kVA.
IVRN5 280 Supersoundproof vista3 feb.24

INMESOL’s design team has incorporated a series of modifications in the new canopies that allow the sound level to be reduced considerably without sacrificing ventilation performance or accessibility for service tasks. This reduction has been corroborated by sound tests carried out to the prototypes of the different models released.

gama de grupos super insonorizados 1
gama de grupos super insonorizados 2

In power ratings of 100kVA and above, the new canopies incorporate many of the improvements recently presented at the launch of the Slim+ versions:

IVRN5 280 Supersoundproof vista2 feb.24
  • Lockable external fuel filling spot.
  • Side ladders for a convenient access to the central lifting hook located in the roof.
  • Robust stainless hinges.
  • Control panel with new format. Its main advantages are:
    • Two separate hinged doors for the control section and for the power section. Equipped with translucent windows for visual inspections without having to open them. In addition, they have a new design for better rainwater drain. 
    • The control panel door has an internal provision for fitting a curtain for avoiding the direct incidence of the sun light to the controller. 
    • The power cables terminals housing is much more ample than the one in the former version, though the operator can still access it through the rubber flap in the door or through the dedicated window below the panel. 
    • A set of high-power single-pole connectors, known as powerlocks and much appreciated in temporary applications, has been added as standard. 
    • The design of the front panel in the control section has been modified. The previous horizontal hinges are replaced by vertical ones, making it much more convenient the access to the inside of the control panel for service purposes. 
gama de grupos super insonorizados 3
gama de grupos super insonorizados 4