We are at your disposal to advise you with our energy solutions



Our team of engineers from all branches makes it possible for us to advise our customers in order to satisfy any of their needs anywhere in the world. Our vocation is to be close to them and to adapt to their requests.

We advise and train our customers on a continuous basis, offering official technical services in person and online.


Our after-sales service, always available for you

We have a wide network of approved Technical Services distributed throughout the five continents, which allows us to offer fast and efficient assistance for any problem or query our customers may have.

Thanks to our after-sales service, your generating sets will be in optimum condition at all times.

Maintenance and servicing


Since the function of this type of generating set is to come into operation only when there is a mains failure, it is important to change at least once a year:

The oil
The oil filter
The diesel oil filter
The oil pre-filter, if fitted
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Spare parts for groups in record time


We have a wide range and stock of spare parts for all components and brands. For any type of spare part, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Training courses for our customers and distributors


We give specific courses to your staff in order to provide them with the knowledge, understanding and skills for the proper handling of our machinery. The courses are structured in two parts:



On the basic principles of machinery operation.



Simulated alarms to observe the behaviour of the machine in various situations.

All energy starts with a contact

We help and advise you to turn your projects into reality.