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Environmentally friendly generator sets



At INMESOL we have always been at the forefront in the incorporation of components that reduce the environmental impact of our products. And this has also been the case with Stage V engines. Since well before the entry into force of this European Regulation, we have worked closely with our engine suppliers to accelerate as much as possible the integration of their Stage V models to the application in generator sets. This integration has not been an easy task, due to the great technological leap that the change from the previous Regulation in force in Europe, EU Stage IIIA, to the current EU Stage V, has entailed. We currently have a complete range of generating sets with Stage V engines, with power ratings ranging from 3kVA to 1500kVA.

Stage V engines achieve a drastic reduction in pollutant exhaust emissions compared to conventional engines. Emissions of carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), unburned hydrocarbons (HC) and solid particulates (PM+P) are reduced to minimum levels. For this purpose, these engines are equipped with sophisticated exhaust after-treatment systems, including the following:
Passive component in which certain exhaust gas components are oxidised to facilitate their subsequent removal in DPFs and / or SCR.
A component that captures suspended solid particles in the exhaust gases and converts them into ash. It is also passive but may require regeneration at certain times.
Active component in which a urea solution (AdBlue) is injected to remove nitrogen oxides.

With the combination of these elements in the engine exhaust system, reductions of up to 95% in nitrogen oxide emissions and up to 97% in solid particulate emissions are achieved.


If we add to this the fact that all our Stage V engine gensets are approved for use with HVO, we have the lowest life-cycle environmental impact distributed power generation equipment available on the market. HO is a renewable, plant-based fuel that is becoming increasingly popular in Europe.

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Noise emissions


As far as noise pollution is concerned, our products stand out for their low noise level. We go beyond the limits imposed by current regulations, thanks to the use of the best quality soundproofing materials, to the analyses we carry out during the development phase of new equipment and to the hours and hours invested in sound tests carried out on the prototypes of this new equipment. We have super-quiet versions that are often used in the most demanding applications, such as the events sector or the hospital sector.

Control units


We have the most modern control units that allow the operation of several generator sets in parallel. Parallel genset systems achieve lower fuel consumption by adapting the number of running gensets to the electrical power demand curve of the installation, allowing the engines to work closer to their optimum operating point. This not only improves efficiency in terms of fuel consumption, but also reduces the consumption of lubricating oil and the emission of unburned fuel into the atmosphere.

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Transport optimisation

At INMESOL we work in close contact with our customers to incorporate into our units the possibilities for improvement that they detect. As a result of this collaboration, for example, a few years ago we developed a 1.2m wide bodywork model in which we installed generators of up to 250kVA. This allows us and allows them to transport two of these groups in parallel in a truck. thus reducing by half the CO2 emissions, due on the one hand, the transport of these groups from our facilities to the customer, and on the other hand, the transport that our customer makes from its facilities to the working point of the group. These journeys are very frequent in the case of rental fleets.

As a result of this collaboration with our customers, we also launched our cylindrical body. This revolutionary body achieves a significant reduction in the consumption of resources during manufacture - both materials and energy - as well as a reduction of 20% in weight and 40% in volume, which results in the lower environmental impact of these generator sets compared to those with conventional bodies.

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Reducing the carbon footprint of our production processes

We continuously monitor our production processes in order to reduce energy and water consumption as much as possible. We incorporate state-of-the-art process equipment, which is more efficient than the previous ones. We constantly optimise our management of raw materials, components and semi-finished products to minimise transfers within our facilities.

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