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Six INMESOL generator sets arrive at one of the largest electricity and heat producers and suppliers in Europe

On Friday 20 March, two semi-trailers fully loaded with gen sets arrived from INMESOL's factory in Spain, to the facilities of a leading European energy company.

On Friday 20 March, two semi-trailers fully loaded with gen sets arrived from INMESOL‘s factory in Spain, to the facilities of a leading European energy company. The delivery took place at the scheduled time, despite having to travel across Europe while country borders were being closed due to the pandemic.

The six new generator sets at the energy company's facilities
The six new generator sets at the energy company’s facilities

The requirements for this equipment are very particular and specific, as expected from a company that focuses on ensuring electricity and heat supply, while advocating for sustainability, to a wide variety of clients across Europe.


When INMESOL RENTAL RANGE gen sets are provided with a series of options and specifications, the increase in their versatility is such that they become optimum designs for any power generation application, regardless of how demanding it may be. This is what other companies are demanding now, not only from the rental sector, but also large power generation companies, with a wide range of clients, sometimes very demanding and with a great diversity of energy needs

In this case, our gen sets are delivered with different powers: two of 275kVA (LTP), two of 385kVA (LTP) and two of 770kVA (LTP). All with VOLVO PENTA engines and STAMFORD alternator.

Integrated in INMESOL RENTAL RANGE canopies, originally designed for the demanding rental market, that are known for being very robust, resistant and very well soundproofed, which makes them perfect mobile emergency units, even near residential areas.

770kVA LTP Generator Set
770kVA LTP Generator Set

All of them are equipped with one of the latest controller models developed by Deep Sea: DSE8620 MKII. A smart controller that, among many other features, enables configuring the equipment for parallel operation between gen sets or to the mains. They can also operate independently on stand-by to the mains, supervising a client facility’s incoming networks and taking over the load, in case of mains failure. When the power grid is restored, the generator set transfers the load to the power grid without interrupting the power supply.

The gen sets can be controlled from the power companies’ operation centres by remote control or pre-configured to work on Peak Shaving and Support modes. This feature is very useful in the event of peak consumption or need for grid frequency support, which is becoming increasingly common due to the increase in energy consumption in today’s society.

DSE8620 MKII Control Unit
DSE8620 MKII Control Unit

All generator sets are equipped with a full range of options: external fuel tank connections, battery chargers, engine preheating, electronic remote communication devices, etc.

They are also equipped with large external connection boxes.

This energy distribution system, is a fast and very safe method for the electricity company to connect the gen sets to any client’s facility or low-voltage distribution system, even when operated by inexperienced personnel.

External connection boxes
External connection boxes

Overall, the electric company received 6 generator sets equipped to be very effective tools, to guarantee the electric energy supply in a safe and reliable way to all types of clients, including the most demanding ones, and under any circumstances.

It is, now more than ever, evident how important it is to be prepared for the unexpected, especially during these recent difficult times.